Jesse Jones Marshall: Transformations

How I am Becoming What I love

My Philosophy

Life is short.  I should get the most out of it with the time I have.  I want to be ready to accept any opportunities that life offers me that I may be interested in pursuing.  This means I must be ready mentally, physically and spiritually to be aware and able to explore all I am capable of receiving or creating.  I have set out on a journey to fine tune my mind, body and spirit in a way that allows me to be as content as I am capable of being. On this page I will document some of the ways I am making transformations in my life.
This page is a work in progress and will grow immensely over time

Body Shaping

I've come to realize my goals as far as how I like to see myself externally and I have found successful ways of shaping my body with hard results.  Each person has to account for the body shape they want and what works for them.  I am sharing what works for my body style, response and end goals.



Visualization and Meditation


Life Style Shaping

Deprogramming the Brain

Living in the Moment

Find What You Love ~ Become What You Love

Other People