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Penis Enlargement: My Perspective

I think all of us want to be the best we can be.  I had found over the years because of certain lifestyle consequences, my penis had lost some of its length, hardness and my performance suffered.  I had decided at that time to do something about it.  I explored many resources and came up with a set of exercises that works for me.  I will be adding segments every week.

Do not try this at home.  I am a trained pro.  This only describes my personal practices.  Do lots of research and find what works for you.  Severe injury may result in misuse of the human body.  Be smart and love your body!  Safety, patience and self-love are the key to a healthy penis, I have found in my own life!

1.) Penis Stretching 

I use several techniques to stretch the penis and maintain gains from my other exercises.  One exercise I use is weight hanging.  I made my own rig.  the key is patience and not to increase weight too quickly over time.


2.) Male Kegal Exercises: 

I use these for thickening the base of the penis and developing superior blood flow into the penis. Below is a video of me performing this exercise.

Pelvic Thrusts Coming Soon:
Rolling Coming Soon:
General Penis Health Coming Soon:
Hand Exercises

Increase Penis Thickness

Pumping Coming Soon:

Penis Enlargement Resources

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